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The glue has an ingredient called polyvinyl acetate, which is a liquid polymer. The borax links the polyvinyl acetate molecules to each other, creating one large, flexible polymer. This kind of slime will get stiffer and more like putty the more you play with it. Experiment with different glues to see if they create slime (e.g., carpenter glue, tacky glue, etc.).

Gorgeous RAINBOW FLUFFY SLIME is perfect for St Patricks Day and Spring! Our St Patricks Day rainbow fluffy slime recipe is so super fluffy, you are going to love it. Roll up your sleeves and prepare for a morning or afternoon filed with fun slime making! It’s up to you if you want to add a pot-o-gold at the end of your rainbow or toss in a handful of glitter! If you want even more slimy ideas, check out our whole collection of ST PATRICKS DAY SLIME RECIPES!

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