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Secret Trick to approve adsense in just 7 days (with proofs)

you want to apply for Adsense to make some money from your blog and enjoy the life you always dream of?


Who does not anyway? That’s the dream of every blogger to get AdSense approved.

But, wait..

I’ve to tell you something.

That’s not easy. Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to approving new application. Everyone is trying to trick AdSense to get approved so they have made the process very hard.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

In this article, I’m going to share with you everything that you need to do before applying for Google AdSense program to actually get approved.

Some common questions that you may have about Google AdSense are…

How to apply for Google AdSense?

Does my blog qualify for AdSense or not?

Am I eligible to apply for Google AdSense?

What are Google AdSense requirements?

Why Google AdSense rejected my application?

What to do if Google AdSense reject my application?

This post is going to answer all your questions in detail. It’s over 3000+ words so grab a cup of coffee.. 😉

You want this message

That Thing I Want to tell you Trick to Adsense Approvel

  1. Your website should have about us and contacts us page which is very much important.
  2. You must have a private policy.
  3. Your website content should not be copied from any other site it should be different from other.
  4. The posted  Articles should be different,attractive and interesting with logical facts of tricks and Knowledge.
  5. The website on which you are activating the ads should be 20 days odd.
  6. You have to post atleast 30 post on your site.
  7.  Not much web traffic is needed. 
  8. Last but not the least Imp. Thing is that your website account must new on WordPress

It is better that your domian is 5,6 or + month old

So frndz i hope you are satisfied with this now go and prepare your site to approve an adsense on it and starting earning profit. 

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