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As a self-confident sign of feminine individuality, the kits carry the respective signature in the form of a kiss and embody the style of the influences in three exciting color combinations, from the gentle nude to the seductive red. With three motivating statements, the online stars call on women to be true to themselves to stay, to have the courage to stand out from the crowd and to strive for what it fulfills and moves itself. Under the motto: #dormitory.

Farina Opoku, better known as  @xLaeta  is one of the most sought-after German influencers and is not only admired by her fans for her stylish looks, but also for always remaining true to herself. Her exclusive KISS KIT “by Farina” captivates with a stunning lip duo in a sensual red hue that emphasizes her femininity.

Pamela Reif (@pamela_rf) is a young fitness influencer who not only sets an example for her followers with her healthy lifestyle, but above all encourages her to keep an eye on her goal and to hold on to her dreams. Together with Douglas, she has created the exclusive KISS KIT “by Pamela” – a subtle set in a soft rosewood tone that underlines her natural-casual look.


Julia Maria alias @ xLaeta enchants the followers of her social media channels almost daily with creative DIYs, practical beauty hacks and creative looks. Your KISS KIT “by xLaeta” – a harmonious duo of matte lipstick and the matching lip liner in a delicate nude – fits perfectly with the playful side of the YouTuber.

The Kiss Kits are available from March 2018 exclusively from Douglas and at a price of 19.99 euros (RRP).


A special highlight at the launch of the KISS KITS is the opportunity to get to know and experience first hand Farina, Pamela and xLaeta at exclusive meet & greets at three Douglas store events.

Thursday, March 8 Frankfurt: Frankfurt Zeil 98-102 | 60313 Frankfurt
5:30 pm PhotoCall press
6 – 7 pm Meet & Greet

Friday, March 9 Munich: Neuhauser Str. 3 | 80331 Munich
5:30 pm PhotoCall press
6 – 7 pm Meet & Greet

Saturday, March 10 Hamburg: Mönckebergstr. 8 | 20095 Hamburg
1:30 pm PhotoCall Press
2 – 3 pm Meet & Greet

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